Moon Harbour Celebrates 20th Anniversary With New Compilation

Moon Harbour marks its historic 20th anniversary with a 10-track compilation of all new music. It features old friends like Marlow and Luna City Express, icons like Steve Bug and Butch and new signings like Black Circle, so it is a fine representation of the label’s famous sound.

Matthias Tanzmann founded Moon Harbour in 2000, and since then it has been at the forefront of the tech house scene. Even in the face of the major shift from vinyl to digital, a distributor going bankrupt and the coronavirus pandemic, careful A&R and Matthias’s own productions have ensured the label has remained utterly relevant. The Leipzig label has released countless EPs, LPs and compilations and hosted label showcases all over the world. It has nurtured the careers of artists like Sable Sheep and Ekkohaus and has given a vital platform to new stars like Miane, Detlef and many more.

“Evolution is a natural process and important to artists as well as to labels,” explains Matthias. “Music is always redefined and subject to trends. New generations of musicians want to create their own identities through their sound. As a label, we listen to a lot of new music and try to stay open-minded within our own aesthetic range.”

After a year of re-releasing classics from the label’s back catalogue, the 20 Years of Moon Harbour compilation is all about fresh and exclusive music. It kicks off with Andrea Oliva’s ‘Return To The Dancefloor,’ a bumping cut driven by naughty bass before raw percussive energy from ANEK and tense cosmic melody Black Circle. Butch layers up tribal grooves and exotic vocals, then Luna City Express mark the mid-point with the steamy house of ‘Mami Wata’ featuring Sunru’s soulful vocals.

Marlow throws it back with some old school piano energy on ‘Corktown,’ Matthias nails a perfectly slinky tech house groove on ‘Binford’ and Ninetoes’ ‘Polanco Hills’ ups the pace and drives forwards. Closing out is the punchy and stripped back house of Steve Bug’s ‘Going Up’ and Sven Tasnadi’s loopy and hypnotic ‘Cuckoo.’

This essential collection is further proof that Moon Harbour continues to shape the sound of contemporary European house music. Here’s to the next 20 years.

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Sven Tasnadi releases ‘Unoma’ on Moon Harbour

Download / Stream:

Long-time Moon Harbour artist Sven Tasnadi is back with a standout new single that continues in his fine tradition of serving up classy house sounds.

His last time on the label was the excellent Bridges release in late 2018 which then got remixed earlier in the year, and since then the German has also landed on Morning Glory Records and continued to DJ around Europe.

‘Unoma’ is brilliantly direct: the drums hit hard and get you on the edge of your seat before being interwoven with tribal vocals. Rattling percussion and underlapping bass all add to the intensity of this driving, infectious house monster. Once the wild synth sounds erupt at the midpoint and freaky filters take over, the dance floor will be on fire.

Tasnadi has struck gold here once more.

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Sven Tasnadi releases ‘Break EP’ on Relief

Sven Tasnadi is considered a firm fixture in the German clubbing culture. His tracks have appeared on EPs released by labels such as Moon Harbour, Cocoon Recordings, Smallville Records, Poker Flat Recordings, Liebe*Detail and Ornaments.
His latest release ‘Break EP’ will come out on Green Velvet’s infamous Relief imprint. The release is accompanied by an exclusive podcast for Relief as well.

Break EP on Beatport
Relief Podcast on Soundcloud

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New Moon Harbour Inhouse out now

Moon Harbour’s much loved Inhouse series is back with another bumper edition of beats. The 9th volume in this esteemed series features a carefully selected crew of friends old and new such as Dan Drastic & Sven Tasnadi, Emery Warman, Re.You, SmashTV, Miane and many more across nine fresh cuts.

The third and final part of this vital collection features label manager Dan Drastic and longtime musical partner Sven Tasnadi on the silky and soul-infused ’Crazy Inside’ which has an irresistible swing to it.

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Sven Tasnadi – Bridges Remixes Out Now

Following on from his well-received Bridges album, Sven Tasnadi’s fantastic originals now get remixed by a select crew of artists that includes new and familiar label associates alike. They are Detlef, Dario D’Attis, Dirty Doering and Harry Romero, and they all inject plenty of fresh ideas into the source material.

Detlef has already made his mark on Moon Harbour with various remixes and originals dating back to 2013. Here he superbly twists ‘My Soul’ into a deep-down jam with fiery vocals popping right off. Loose percussion brings more energy and the whole thing is a standout cut that oozes personality.

Swiss master Dario D’Attis is another longtime mainstay of the scene who impresses with his always emotive sounds. He appeared on the label in 2018 with his Tribe Chant EP and here works ‘Make It Right’ into a playful number with big vocals and loopy drums that suck you in over and over. It’s a filter jam full of suspense and is one to ignite the sunnier dance floors out there.

Berlin veteran Dirty Doering has known Sven Tasnadi since school, now runs the KATERMUKKE label and was long involved both behind the scenes and as a DJ at Bar 25. He draws on all his years of experience to come up with a version of ‘String Rebirth’ that is drawn-out and intoxicating, with late night melody and stylish synth work bending space and time and casting a real spell on you.

Harry Romero is a US dance legend who has been laying down chunky tracks for decades. The Subliminal associate is in fine form here as he reworks ‘Keep Da Shit’ into a turbocharged cut with dark bass down low and raw, chattering percussion up top. It’s the sort of tension building then explosive main room weapon that is destined for huge things this season.

These are four fine reworks from a typical on point selection of artists by Moon Harbour.

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Sven Tasnadis Album ‘Bridges’ out now on Moon Harbour

On 2nd November 2018 Sven Tasnadi is back on Moon Harbour with a brand new and brilliant full length entitled “Bridges”. It features a host of collaborators from Huxley to David Jach to Supernova and showcases the German’s always infectious house sound. Four of the 12 tracks will be released on an exclusive vinyl sampler, and on 5th October Sven Tasnadi serves up the tasty album single “It’s Your Love” with a brilliant remix from man of the moment, Dennis Cruz. This is a superb album that explores many different house sounds, plenty of real emotions and well-crafted melodies. The tracks become bridges and leave a lasting impression on your soul as a result. Build Bridges, not walls.
Download, stream and vinyl:

Sven also shows off his DJ skills on the latest Moon Harbour Radio show.

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Sven Tasnadis ‘It´s Your Love’ incl. Dennis Cruz Remix out now on Moon Harbour

One month before his latest and greatest album Bridges lands on Moon Harbour, Sven Tasnadi serves up a tasty single from it with a brilliant remix from man of the moment, Dennis Cruz.

The forthcoming album finds German artist Tasnadi link with a number of collaborators and friends from Huxley to Supernova to David Jach. It is an authentic house record filled with his infectious grooves, and one designed to bring people together. The excellent lead single ‘It’s Your Love’ is a solo track from it with a big heart. Soulful vocal samples are stitched into the loose percussive groove and rolling kick drums hook you in from the start as a sax drifts up to to bring a carefree feel.

Remixing is Dennis Cruz, a Spanish talent constantly clocking up plenty of Beatport and underground hits, being charted by all the key DJs in the scene and releasing on labels like Stereo Productions, Snatch! Suruba and many more. He has played all over the world from Europe to Australia, the States to Russia, and this summer he’s had another big hit with the ubiquitous ‘El Sueño’.

His hot house version has an instant impact with its tight snares and upright drums. Icy hi hats and chopped up vocals build the pressure and when the kicks land the whole thing powers forwards and will get hands very much in the air.

These two tracks are a great starter before the much-anticipated main course lands in November 2018.

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