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Times Artists brings together DJs and live acts in the genres of house, minimal and techno that feel equally at home at big open-air festivals and in trendy local corner joints. Founded in 1995 in Leipzig, today Times Artists is represented in Berlin and on Ibiza, manages 500 gigs annually all over the world and yet remains: family. Over the last two decades everything changed, and at the same time, nothing has changed. New is the name, sure, however, continuous stays the basic concept to have the finger on the pulse of what’s going on – and yet sometimes to resist the Zeitgeist consciously. Sound work ethics are a no brainer as is fairness and – despite the artistic variety – a creative red line.

Originally born and raised in the spirit of Leipzig‘s iconic techno club Distillery, soon a close link to record label Moon Harbour emerged. The label’s founder Matthias Tanzmann serves as a leading example of the type of artist to be found at the core of the agency, representing continuity and quality. Once again, long-lasting successful enterprises in the fast-moving dance music cosmos rest on authenticity, excellent organization, and respectability – as well as musical know-how, enthusiasm and exactly that familiar atmosphere which is dear to the hearts of artists at and people behind Times Artists.

Nowadays the agency has left behind the musically specialized profile of its early years. Of course, Moon Harbour’s trademarked deep house remains an influence and a force to be reckoned with.However, as much as the flavor of the whole genre has gone through many forms of change over time, so expanded Moon Harbour’s musical palette, artistically and operationally. Times Artists today represents a musically varied artist roster, based on a foundation of minimal techno and deep house, which receives worldwide bookings and still stays in touch with local clubs. For example, Times Artists arranges for bookings at Blue Marlin in Dubai and Kater Holzig in Berlin alike, or at festivals like Ultra, Creamfields and Time Warp and, all the way through to the other end of the spectrum, Fusion Festival.The agency’s micro-structured work of a five-person team is respected by artists and booking partners alike. Regional and international competency gets shared with a continuously growing network across the whole globe. This enables Times Artists to profit from many-sided experiences of the relevant partners, and to create ideal, trustworthy circumstances for artists and promoters.

Last but not least, smooth cooperations with record labels round off the self-concept of the agency. Whoever works with Times Artists can rely on rock solid, personalized partnerships. “We don’t make vague promises, we simply give it our best.” Something along those lines would be a fitting way to summarize the agency’s creed. The best for artists. The best for promoters and bookers. And the best for guests on the dance floor.