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DEFEX is the alias of Franz Hager, a Bavaria-born DJ and producer who has been actively making hard hitting house and techno for some time.

Here we see him bring his considerable talents to Steve Bug’s Poker Flat Recordings, dropping a brand new EP – We Are The Beat!

The original is a tough, euphoric house roller with an upfront vocal from Ibiza icon, singer & songwriter, BLONDEWEARINGBLACK, who contributed the lyrics, that sends shivers down the spine.

The Maxinne remix takes things a shade deeper with a shuffling groove and hypnotic bass, this time with the dubbed out vocals sitting a little lower in the mix.

Also included is an instrumental version of the orginal for the DJs who prefer things more stripped back, as well as a radio version that pays testament to the tracks uncanny hooks.

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We happily welcome Defex at our roster and wish us all a successful future cooperation.

Defex was born and raised in the middle of nowhere where all is right with the world. Creating infinite journeys from deep house to dark techno and pushing the concept of DJing to the limit: Defex has made it from Lower Bavarian cartways onto the international music Autobahn.

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