Moon Harbour Celebrates 20th Anniversary With New Compilation

Moon Harbour marks its historic 20th anniversary with a 10-track compilation of all new music. It features old friends like Marlow and Luna City Express, icons like Steve Bug and Butch and new signings like Black Circle, so it is a fine representation of the label’s famous sound.

Matthias Tanzmann founded Moon Harbour in 2000, and since then it has been at the forefront of the tech house scene. Even in the face of the major shift from vinyl to digital, a distributor going bankrupt and the coronavirus pandemic, careful A&R and Matthias’s own productions have ensured the label has remained utterly relevant. The Leipzig label has released countless EPs, LPs and compilations and hosted label showcases all over the world. It has nurtured the careers of artists like Sable Sheep and Ekkohaus and has given a vital platform to new stars like Miane, Detlef and many more.

“Evolution is a natural process and important to artists as well as to labels,” explains Matthias. “Music is always redefined and subject to trends. New generations of musicians want to create their own identities through their sound. As a label, we listen to a lot of new music and try to stay open-minded within our own aesthetic range.”

After a year of re-releasing classics from the label’s back catalogue, the 20 Years of Moon Harbour compilation is all about fresh and exclusive music. It kicks off with Andrea Oliva’s ‘Return To The Dancefloor,’ a bumping cut driven by naughty bass before raw percussive energy from ANEK and tense cosmic melody Black Circle. Butch layers up tribal grooves and exotic vocals, then Luna City Express mark the mid-point with the steamy house of ‘Mami Wata’ featuring Sunru’s soulful vocals.

Marlow throws it back with some old school piano energy on ‘Corktown,’ Matthias nails a perfectly slinky tech house groove on ‘Binford’ and Ninetoes’ ‘Polanco Hills’ ups the pace and drives forwards. Closing out is the punchy and stripped back house of Steve Bug’s ‘Going Up’ and Sven Tasnadi’s loopy and hypnotic ‘Cuckoo.’

This essential collection is further proof that Moon Harbour continues to shape the sound of contemporary European house music. Here’s to the next 20 years.

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Times Artists Podcast 25 – Miane

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Chapter & Verse – Sinner
Miane – Who are you?
Shermanology- Get Loose
Pax – LO*E DR* G
John Summit – Make Me Feel
Dubesque- Trippin
Fourword – Snake Charmer
Miane – Make It Work
Piem, Richard Ulh – Joking Around
Miguel Bastida – Ouh Nice
Miane – My Head

Miane is equal to evolution. Formerly known as Taty Munoz, Miane steps up to become a strength by own right in the electronic music scene. Based in Ibiza, Miane’s music has a distinct staple, unique and difficult to put in words.

Miane’s story is one of hard work and DIY dedication. That, added to her immense talent, have managed to put her among the most interesting artist to keep an eye on by the scene. Without growing in a musical environment, Miane is the living incarnation of the DIY culture that is taking over the electronic music realm. A culture that hasn’t stopped giving us some of the most incredible talents of the last few years.

Since 2013, when she finally based herself in Ibiza, Miane has evolved and developed her sound, as well as her label, Syne with an elegant and well-thought.

Nowadays, after years dedicated to the growth of her label and her DJ career, Miane is now focused on producing, her real true passion. Mixing the best features in each of house’s subgenres, with her unique use of black voices – that she manages to tweak at will – and that magic touch that works as secret ingredient, Miane manages to empower each and every one of her tracks. Thanks to the sound palette she has managed to develop over her more than seven years in the industry, Miane’s profile is – without questioning – one of those newcomers to keep an eye on this 2019.

Her DIY mentality, her passion, and the curiousness she develops towards any innovation – both digital and analogic – have made her become a more complete artists sound-wise, evolving naturally towards that warm and organic sound she feels more attracted to.

Getting all the attention of big names thanks to her sound, that play with influences that range from old school house to R&B, or 90s soul, Miane has upcoming projects with labels as Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep, Matthias Tanzmann’s Moon Harbour, Steve Lawler’s ViVA or Carlo Lio and Nathan Barato’s co-owned Rawthentic, being testament of the great creative moment she finds herself right now.

Miane’s story is an old school one, where talent and hard work meet to give us such an unique artist, whose projection is set to be meteoric. A promise that becomes real, with the future in her hands.

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